Solar Eclipse

This amazing celestial reunion intimately connects all of us on Earth.

Solar Eclipse

Project Description

We have created the website named Path of Totality with the intention of holding the hands of people and taking them through the event methodically so that they have the most memorable and safe experience of viewing that only few would be lucky to witness. We want to educate people about the glorious event that has acquired national importance so that they understand why it is so special.

For celebrating the occasion, you can pick up some mementos that you will find on our website. Specially created to make the event memorable, these relics spread the awareness faster and wider. From Tote bags to t-shirts and coffee mugs, from leggings to iPhone cases and from hoodies and hats to throw pillows, designed to commemorate the event, you can pick up anything that you feel best to celebrate the occasion.
You will find plenty of useful information on our website about the event and know how to prepare to witness it. We provide comprehensive newsfeed to capture the frenzy that is growing around the country that will wake up on the morning of August 21, 2017, to experience the most unusual happening, as the sun will only disappear completely without a trace behind the moon. People will see only the shadow of the sun, as the sun rays would remain hidden. It will be completely dark at 10.45 Am between Lincoln City and Newport, in Oregon, the first point where the wonder will be visible.

Live Preview

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