International Investigator Group

Private Investigators in Latin America, Caribbean and the Far East

International Investigator Group

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International Investigations Group has foreign offices in Madrid, Spain and Manila, Philippines as well as throughout Latin America including Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, Bogota, Colombia, Panama City, Panama and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The phone numbers for the main office are (800)428-7944, (305)767-1856 (Miami) and (646)820-1131 (New York). The President and CEO of International Investigations Group, Inc. is a retired Special Agent of the FBI who served in the U.S. Government for over 26 years.

Our principals have spent years working in Asia as well as in Central/South America and the Caribbean. As U.S. Embassy FBI Attaches our principals have investigated numerous computer fraud and other white collar crime cases as well as kidnappings, major thefts, terrorism matters, fugitives, insurance/financial fraud and drug cases. Our associates have spent an additional fifteen years in Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean conducting consulting inquiries and private investigations for law firms, large corporations, financial investment firms as well as other small business entities. We also represent upon occasion, individuals who have an interest in conducting a personal investigation abroad.

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